A Restrictive Definition of Secular and Religion


This book states that Islam is not a Religion. Like all Abrahamic Faiths, which have been misunderstood, it is a secular way of life, which demands a “restrictive definition” of the secular and religion. In some ways it agrees with Scientific Pantheism and some members of the Secular Society, that humans should use the “laws of Nature and that of the wider universe” to establish the Eternal Truth and Reality in all issues of human life on planet Earth. Therefore, while these societies use their own opinion and interpretation to establish what they believe is the Eternal Truth and Reality in all issues of human life on planet Earth, Islam uses the Word of God in the context of His Work in Nature and the wider universe to do the same, not only in a more neutral and universal manner, but also with the knowledge and insight of the Creator. All Prophets of God used the Word of God in the context of His Work in Nature to establish one Standard way of life (AdDeeni Haneefan) for all humans, both secular and religious, according to the Creeds of Abraham and the worldview teachings of Tawhid (unity and universality). By doing so, they did not only reduce religion and Godless science to Reality, but also superimposed all true knowledge of science, religion, politics, culture, etc., one on top of the other, without creating any boundaries within and between them, even in morality and spirituality. Therefore, in this way, all Prophets promoted a secular way of life with a restrictive definition of secular and religion outside the realms of religion and secularism, which did not only eliminate secular and religious extremism and fundamentalism, but also that of ethnicity, nationalism, liberalism, conservatism, socialism, capitalism, etc. In the end, this book concludes that everlasting PEACE and UNITY is not possible without complete SUBMISSION to Divine Law in this way.

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