The Ulama are Unqualified to Lead the Ummah

   On May 14, 2020, I found an article on the internet titled, “Problem Of The Ulama: Should The Ulama Be Blamed?” The article was written by Sheik Abdus Salam al-Madani. It is dated April 3, 2020. The Google link to the article is
   In the article, the Sheik categorizes the Muslims into two groups as follows:
1. “Those who specialize in science like politics, media, medicine, engineering, etc”.
2. “Those who specialize in religious science to protect Qur’an, Hadith, Figh, lives of Sahaba, etc, in the category of Ulama (who claim to be Islamic Scholars).
   In the article, the Sheik also speaks about “the debates among Muslim scholars and the community”, about “the right to triple talaq for Muslim men and should moon be actually sighted or can we trust Allah’s system of the lunar cycle?”
   In his article, he also claims that the ulama are doing their job in keeping the deen alive in various ways and that the secular educated Muslims have failed to develop the Ummah according to science and technology.
   I am sorry to say this, but everything the Sheik is saying in his article is absolute BS. He does not know anything about what is written in the Qur’an yet he calls himself Madani and heir to the Prophet (s) is absolutely disgraceful. How can he claim to be Madani and heir to the Prophet (s) when the Qur’an does not believe in the dichotomy of the #secular and #religion and Prophet Muhammad was only one in history who was “most extremely successful in both secular and religious levels” (Dr Michael H Hart).
   Then on what knowledge of Islam is he dividing the Muslims into two categories, ones who specialize in the science of the secular world and those who specialize in science of religion and claims that the Ulama are heirs to the Prophet (s). Does he know what it means to be “Caesar and Pope in one” according to the knowledge of the Qur’an?
   Furthermore, he is cherry picking some historical facts which state that every time Islam was attacked, the Ulama were on the frontline to defend it as if secular educated Muslims were not in the frontline to defend Islam in the Main Stream Media.
   In addition to this he has the audacity to state that secular educated Muslim are the ones who have not done their share in developing the Ummah in the field of science and technology when they have record of objecting to all kinds of scientific and technological developments and inventions over the last 300 years.
   For example, about 250 years ago when the printing press was invented, they objected to the printing of the Qur’an in the printing press. They said it was bid’ah (innovation) because the Prophet (s) did not print copies of the Qur’an in printing press but used scribes. When the microphone was used in mosque and TV appeared in South Africa, they said it was haraam and so on. And for ulama have been saying that “secular education is Western, worldly and Christian and will not help in akhirah” (refer newsletter Ar-Rasheed of Jamiat in Johannesburg dated Shawwal 1424, December 2003).
   Likewise, to answer their question on moon sighting and astronomical calculations, let take the verse of the Quran, 2:189. It clearly states that one should use the lunar calendar, not solar calendar, to “fix period of time in the affairs of men and for PILGRIMAGE”. Do they know why the Qur’an tells us to use the Lunar calendar and not Solar calendar to “fix period of time in the affairs of men and for PILGRIMAGE”?
   The reason is because the Lunar calendar is more accurate than the Solar calendar. For example, the Lunar calendar requires an adjustment of 1 day in 32500 years and Solar calendar 1 day in every 4 years and 2 one day adjustment in 2 odd years in every 1000 years.
   Now consider the fact that Allah (swt) gave the SAME KNOWLEDGE of the Deen to different Prophets at different time and place in different languages and in different ways. In the same way, He also spoke to learned people and unlearned people in different ways to give them the SAME MESSAGE.
   Similarly, there is tremendous Diversity to be seen, not only in His Word in the Qur’an, but also in His Work in Nature. For example, there are also different ways of reproduction in plant and animal life, heterosexual and asexual.
   Therefore, to say that Allah (swt) gave us only one way of establishing the Lunar calendar by sighting the moon is ludicrous.
   Do you think that Allah (swt) did not know that one day Islam will spread throughout the world and that the international community of Ummah would have to “fix the period in the affairs of men and for PILGRIMAGE” on an international level well in advance by astronomical calculations with Mecca as centre? I have explained all this in great detail in my book titled SECULAR ISLAM with subtitle “A Restrictive Definition of Secular and Religion”.
   As far as the triple talaq in one sitting is concerned, Mr ASK Joomal opposed them for the best part of the last century. Before he passed away he told me that 15 Aalims came to his house one day and asked him to withdraw his statements on triple talaq, and when he refused, they cursed him and the seven generations of his progenies. Only a month he passed on, a day before Ramadhan, I heard a Aalim on Channel Islam say triple talaq in one sitting was haraam.
   Therefore, according to the ulama Sharia based on Qur’an and Sunnah makes sighting of moon and triple talaq in one sitting compulsory in Shariah, but when we establish the philosophical knowledge of Qur’an according to the Creeds of Abraham and the worldview teachings of Tawhid (unity and universality) and define Sunnah and authenticate Hadith according to that knowledge of the Qur’an then what we find is that what the ulama are saying is Shariah (Qur’an and Sunnah) is not Qur’an and Sunnah, but complete opposite of it. And when Fiqh is applied in the day to day affairs of the ummah on such knowledge of Shariah, it makes such a Shariah absolute nonsense.
   Similarly, keeping beard, wearing kurtha, etc, and donning hijab, niqab, etc, is not Shariah. In fact almost everything the ulama say is Shariah is contrary to Shariah. I explain this in great detail in my book SECULAR ISLAM with subtitle “A Restrictive Definition of Secular and Religion”.

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